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"Loved my Tannoy Kensington SE for over 3 years. Realized at some point that even bigger Tannoys would be more efficient & extended, and that this would be significant in my room. 

Here are the new Canterbury SE in my setup. 

Those are 15” dual-concentric drivers with alnico magnets (shared by the woofer & 2” compression driver tweeter); 235 Litre cabinets; yields an honest 96dB/Watt and 28Hz @-3dB.

Paired with 250+ Watts/ch tube amps, reaching concert-level at low distortion is not a problem. 

"Looks are decidedly old-school; love it or hate it. I actually dislike most (if not all) of the aesthetic trends in modern high end speakers anyways :)"

Rogue Audio - Apollo monoblocks; the power tubes are KT120

Rogue Audio - Hera II (6H30P tubes) Pre-amp and seperate PSU

VAC - Renaissance Preamplifier Mk III (12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes)

Merrill Heirloom w/ Eminent Technology ET2 arm & Ortofon MC20 cart

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